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Empower Women & Girls

We can not do it without you! Your donations make our work possible. Thank you for supporting Red Earth RISING.

N'Ya Dala (My Daughter's Home) Village


We focus on the poorest of Africa's poor: the refugee adolescent mother & child.  Our goal is to help these young mothers uplift themselves and their children.  This is a second chance many adolescent mothers never get. Born and raised during Uganda's 26 year long civil war, these girls have lost most, if not all, their family and  role models to violence, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, and starvation.  Schools, hospitals, and neglected infrastructure have left very few, if any, resources available to rise up from such devastating beginnings.  

  N'ya Dala Village

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The mission of Red Earth RISING is to empower women and girls through education, training and sustainable economic development.

Big Sister Project

To meet the dual demand of empowering other community teen moms as well as encouraging our N'Ya Dala graduates to become community leaders who share their knowledge, we now have an outreach program that sends our graduates out into the bush to teach for wages. 

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