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Red Earth RISING believes that many of our seemingly insurmountable global problems can be addressed by improving the status of women and girls throughout the developing world.


Future Institute 

The Future Institute, a two-day training, educates women on health, literacy, gender based violence, nutrition, community involvement and human rights. These trainings help support their efforts to become better informed as mothers, business owners and community leaders.


Girl to Girl 

This progam is an electronic version of the well known "pen pal" program in which school aged girls in the US and Uganda or Mexico are paired. The girls learn about their "pals" lives, cultures and countries. This creates a unique opportunity to understand daily challenges and triumphs as well as creates a sense of empowerment and empathy while enriching the lives of both girls.


Girls Count 

Red Earth RISING, in partnership with Let Girls Learn and Girl Rise is supporting the poorest communities in Mexico to educate their girls beyond 6th grade. Currently, families cannot afford or refuse to allow their girls to travel the hour long bus ride to attend the closest available secondary school. In order to attend school, students must leave at 5:30 AM to travel the dangerous, drug cartel riddled roads and return at 6 PM. Long days away from the family--where girls are expected to do the cooking, washing and child tending--is unworkable to most families.

Girls' education brings high returns not just for income and economic growth, but in other crucial areas as well—including improving children’s and women's survival rates and health, reducing population growth, protecting children's rights and delaying child marriage, empowering women in the home and in the workplace, and improving climate change adaptation.

Red Earth RISING will bring you much more information on why educating girls count. #girlscount


Micro Loans 

Red Earth RISING extends microloans to  women. We believe that when mothers are empowered and making a small living, they will prioritize the education, health and well being of their daughters—many of whom are passed over in traditional households. The profits from these small business loans are used to keep their daughters in school and to lead better lives.




Acholi Relocation 

The Ugandan government has announced that the Acholi refugee camp in Kampala has been sold to developers and all refugees must leave. Red Earth RISING has begun the construction of a transitional village near Kitgum that will house returning Acholi war refugees and serve as a landing point while they reconnect with their families and secure their own land and businesses.