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We can’t do this without you.

Your tax deductible donation goes directly to support Red Earth RISING’s projects in the field.  


From providing a woman the opportunity and training to learn a new job skill to supporting a young girl’s education and supplemental life skills training, you can ensure your donation is helping women and girls to not only help themselves but to help change our world.


From all of us at Red Earth RISING, thank YOU for your donation and your dedication to making global change happen. 


You can help these families raise their children in their native tongue, culture and near loving friends and family.


Your donation goes far:

$1000 helps purchase a biogas stove

$500 helps purchase a heifer

$250 helps pay for school fees and supplies for a child

$150 helps purchase a irrigation pump

$120 helps purchase a pig or goat

$20 helps purchase a flock of chicks


You can help transform these women and children's lives forever with your generous donation. 


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