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Big Changes In The New Year

So much is happening with Red Earth RISING in 2015. The culmination of our three year plan to assist the Acholi women and their families in relocating back home is underway. Along with our Ugandan partners, Red Earth RISING has found land on which a transitional village will be built. The women are ecstatic that they will finally be able to leave their refugee camp near Kampala and return to the verdant, agriculturally rich North.

Soon, we will begin construction of ten family huts on our land in Kitgum. This village will contain several “centers” that will provide employment for the women. In 2015, Red E

arth RISING will also resume the micro-loan disbursement program along with the requisite monthly trainings. We are so excited to continue educating the women regarding business promotion and budgeting; health and hygiene; literacy; and the essential personal empowerment training that has been helping to promote individual self confidence as well as community involvement.

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